Earl Warren joins the Supreme Court

Earl Warren

Earl Warren served as the 14th Cheif Justice of the supreme court and was also the governor of California for three terms. Warren, being the governor of California won him great popularity with both the republican and Democratic parties. He became one of the greatest judges in supreme court history. He was the Vice Presidential nominee in the 1948 election and also helped in the investigation of JFK's assassination.

Early Life

Warren was born in LA, California, on March 19, 1891. He attended grade school in his home town of Bakersfield and later earned his B.A. in Legal studies at the University of California, Berkeley in 1912. Warren went on to be admitted to the California bar in 1914. In 1917, Warren enlisted in the United States Military to aid the troops in WWI and was discharged in 1918. He then began to serve as a clerk of the judicial committee and later gained the position of D.A. of Alameda County. Warren did a fantastic job in his position and in 1938 he was incredibly popular and was elected the Attorney General of California. During WWII, Warren largely supported the internment of Japanese Americans, he did not like the decision, but he claims it was the right choice at the time. Warren Also did wonderful as the Attorney General and ran to become the Republican Governor of California in 1942. While in office, Warren constructed an educational system that would last for two decades.
Earl Warren as Governor of California

Warren in Supreme Court

In 1953, President Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren as the Chief justice of the United States Supreme Court. Warren became more liberal than the President had expected and later regretted the decision. Warren made many great decisions in the Supreme Court but the case of Brown vs. Board of Education was the most important. Warren made the choice to ban segregation in public schools in 1954, which gained him the favor of African Americans across the nation. Earl Warren also dealt with many other cases in the Supreme Court.
Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren

Later Life

After the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, Warren decided to resign as Chief justice of the Supreme Court due to his advanced age. Warren died five years after resigning on July 9, 1974 in D.C.

Earl Warren - Eulogy for John F. Kennedy
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Earl Warren gives Eulogy of JFK

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