You will be creating a wiki page for one of the Civil Rights events listed. Your page should fulfill the following criteria:


  • Name of person/event
  • Background information
    • Who were the "players?" List everyone involved, including demonstrators, opposition, police, etc
    • Outline the goals of the players/player
  • What were the costs, if any, to this event?
  • What was the prize? Which players achieved their goals? What were the short-term results? Long-term gains?
  • Importance of event as related to the Civil Rights Movement
  • Finally, how did the people at this place influence the larger Civil Rights Movement?


  • At least two widgets
  • At least 3 photos

In addition to your wiki page, you will choose 3 out of the 5 discussion questions to which you will respond. Responses will be at least 5 sentences.